Partnering With Aligned Dental Support

Top Reasons To Put Us On Your Team

1. Knowledgeable Experts

Our team knows exactly what boxes must be checked to run a highly profitable and efficient business while also elevating the patient experience. They have the education, strong business acumen, and real-world experience to extract the best from private and group practices. By collaborating with this team of superstars, you’ll benefit from increased profits and grow your retirement portfolio without facing the pressure many solo dentists do. Plus, you can continue practicing if you choose.

2. Strategic Approach

Selling or shifting your practice into its next phase doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. With our involvement, your team can devote 100% of their energy to caring for patients and offering the ultimate level of customer service. We utilize optimal strategies for an anxiety-free transition.

3. Complete Resources

Just imagine how good it would feel knowing your team can fully focus on the patients they are treating instead of getting distracted by countless administrative tasks. That can be a reality with assistance from our leading management team and the operational systems we use. Want to boost clinical skills? Need a hand managing team members? Or what about gaining more new patients? Our services include:

Human Resource

  • Benefits Program
  • Motivation & Development Programs
  • Payroll
  • Professional Training & Accountability
  • Front Office Training
  • Monthly Meeting Facilitation

General Office

  • Receivables Programs Management
  • Accounting Including Accounts Payable
  • Macro Management for Low Stress
  • Intra- and Inter-Office Systems
  • Electronic Insurance Processing


  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Position of Practice/Identity Building
  • Cooperative Advertising Programs
  • Budgeting
  • Ad Production/Design & Schedules


  • Technological Solutions to Maximize Efficiencies
  • Practice Management Software Solutions


  • Growing Services to Patients
  • Pursuing Excellence of Profession
  • Communication Skills with Staff
  • Access to Growth & Development Programs
  • Learning Leadership Strategies
  • Exit Strategies
  • Camaraderie, Second Opinions
  • Quality Assurance Programs

Inventory Controls

  • Supply Inventory & Management
  • Preferred Vendor Programs